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Self-Love Circles

Self-Love Circles are for you if you are looking for a sense of sisterhood with support and empowerment. Together, we gather as a community of women and journey in support of one another.


These five-week intensive programs encompass:

  • Recorded short-themed videos every week

  • Weekly soul work

  • Live weekly 90-minute group coaching sessions (recordings available)

  • An online community for continuous support

Three group coaching programs are available.

Self-Love Circles

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Your Self-Love Transformation

Get ready to launch YOU this 2022 by investing in the transformation of you.

With your commitment, at the end of this program, you will:

  • Learn how to find everyday peace through self-forgiveness

  • Love yourself radically from the inside out

  • Experience the benefits of cultivating gratitude

  • Level up by living a more balanced lifestyle

  • Be radiating with confidence

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Jumping with Joy

Rewriting Your Belief System

Spring into the new and improved you as we work on shifting your mindset.

In this fun and amazing program, expect to level up your life with:

  • learning my favourite methods to manifest your dream life

  • finding clarity and peace of mind through the art of meditation

  • committing yourself to learning and growing by processing your daily life

  • getting a better handle on regulating your emotions


Living in Alignment

A program built to cultivate confidence and harness your feminine magic.

At the end of this program, you can expect to:

  • know what you stand for in order to operate accordingly

  • lead yourself based on your intuition

  • learn how to manifest financial abundance

  • turn your intentions into actions

Client success stories

"An amazing way to connect with other women and share in a way that was comfortable and inviting! Melissa was able to create an online space that was intimate despite the obvious distance between us all."


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