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About me

I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and have  lived a plethora of lives ranging from being a spirited leader in a charismatic group, a beauty pageant contestant, moving to the Philippines as a corporate expat, solo-backpacking to numerous countries, and then becoming a yoga instructor and a social entrepreneur off the grid. 


I moved back to Montreal at the end of 2015. Up until recently, I worked as a Learning & Development Business Partner, while also building my business in doTERRA as the #1 essential oil company in the world. Training, engaging and inspiring others is definitely my jam.

I am a single mother to two young boys, Aragon Indra Aurelius (the golden spirited lion of freedom) and Haigan Iason Blasius (strong defender and healer of truth). I do my best to spirit my children with as much love and light as possible.

In 2021, in order to continue fulfilling my dream of helping others and having my own heart-based business, I set off to become a Self-Love Coach for Moms. 

My Journey to Self-Love

The majority of my life was filled with passion and adventure. I transformed from being a timid introvert who never raised her hand in class to a brave outspoken leader with vision, as well as a confident social butterfly. I moved from Canada to the Philippines and travelled alone to several countries.


I wish I could say there was only one event in my life in which I felt that I hit rock bottom, but unfortunately for a good five-six years, I felt as if I was consistently drowning. It was as if I was in the deep ocean blue and every time I came up for a gasp of air, a huge wave would just keep coming and sweep me down again.


I was in a relationship in which I was repeatedly told that I wasn’t good enough and had to change. It was the darkest time of my life. I lost my self-esteem and self-worth. I then found out on different occasions that the life I thought I was living was just a bunch of lies. I was not worthy of being respected, being faithful to or being truthful with. I became a mother of two in the midst of drowning in so much pain. There was so much that I had to heal from.


It was as if no one understood my pain though, knew how to hold space for me and instead just judged or pitied me or pretended that nothing had happened or was happening to me. There were countless nights of crying and moments in which I would randomly have to gulp away my tears in the middle of the day.


It was during this time I experienced immense pain, but also endured my journey of healing. It was intense, but I made it through and want you to know that you can make it through too. 


This is a huge reason I decided to become a self-love coach. The love we need to heal and go through life comes from within. As we forgive ourselves for past transgressions, accept our beautiful and unique selves, cultivate gratitude for who we are inclusive of our mistakes and imperfections, take care of and trust ourselves, we can come out stronger than ever.


Allow me to journey with you in your healing process. All of our stories are different, but the deep transformational process is the same. Come and join my 1:1 coaching program to start your self-love journey today.

"When you love yourself, everything in your life is better."

- Marisa Peer, Author of I Am Enough

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