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Do you need help healing yourself after separation?

Welcome, Mama! I'm Melissa :)


I'm a solo single parenting mom of two young boys. As a self-love coach, I specialize in empowering disempowered moms that are struggling with their self-worth after separation. I'm passionate about helping moms heal themselves by focusing on their wellness, mindset, mindfulness, time management and ultimately  helping them become unstoppable as they pursue their life goals.

Let's work together!

supporting you as a mother with...

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The Self-Loved Mom
1:1 Coaching Program

Through 1:1 self-love coaching calls every week for 3-months, I work closely with you to identify which areas of your life are lacking and why.


We do intensive mindset work inclusive of exploring all your negative self-talk and thought patterns to ultimately transform them.

I then help you manage your time and energy, create the necessary boundaries and manifest the dream life you want for yourself and your family. 


Our goal will be for your mindset, time and energy to undergo a radical transformation through practicing self-love. 

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Monthly Self-Love Circles

A free online social event in which we can find a community of women going through the beauty and excitement of life while also recognizing that we all need help and empowerment from each other because there is the reality of personal struggles.

In this safe supportive space of sisterhood & motherhood, I facilitate a group discussion to elicit reflection & connection, two of my most favourite things.


Space is limited in order to keep the group intimate.


Natural Solutions

For mindful mamas that want to be proactive regarding their family's health with natural solutions, look no further. I will support you in transitioning to a non-toxic lifestyle, so you can have peace of mind knowing your family is safe and healthy without any of the toxic stuff.


Allow me to introduce you to the exciting world of essential oils and how to live a healthier lifestyle.

My name is Melissa & I'm here to ultimately help you change your aura.

Step by step, I'm here to work with you in creating a better life for you mentally and emotionally as a mom. A life that isn't in survival mode, but is purposeful and filled with peace and balance. Let's have you show up and shine vivaciously everywhere you go. My dream is for you to radiate beautifully from the inside out as a mom and eliminate all that is weighing you down. Let's get you the transformation you need.

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I am the Self-Love Coach for Moms in the midst of Healing after Separation.
I am Your #1 All Natural Solutions Provider.
I am the Solo Parenting Mom that won't Quit on her Goals.

Client success stories

"An increased amount of confidence and self-worth."

I had a very pleasant experience during my call with Melissa. She was able to provide me with some insight on my current issues as well as challenges and made me feel an increased amount of confidence and self-worth during the call. Her presence and persona left me feeling very comfortable to express what was going on in my life and she is definitely confident in the skills, knowledge base, and seems to really care about helping others on their own journey. She also relayed several tools and acknowledged that she'd help me find the best tools to help me with what I was going through. Overall, very pleasant experience.


 online quiz

How do you handle mom-life? Overwhelmed or 'totally got this'?

Are you living a stress-free life? Do you have enough time to take care of yourself or are you 'winging it', tired and running on empty? Are some small changes necessary to create some extra time and space for yourself before you burn yourself out?

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